Impact of Hospitality on Brand Activations



Hospitality is a core of your brand activation campaign when it comes to service. What kind of partners to use for accommodation and catering, what services to include in a sponsorship package, is my package in line with legal and anti-bribery guidelines - these details are a part of your brand message. What happens in hospitality industry in terms of trends, innovation and products has direct effect on your marketing decisions.

Nielsen Sports & Entertainment conducted a Bespoke Survey in May 2018 to investigate the impact of hospitality industry on a modern-day consumer behaviour in events. Survey data covered a range of events where hospitality services are of significance - Professional Sports Event, Activity Days (e.g. driving experience), Arts & Culture, Golf Day, Lunch/Dinner Event, Musical Concert, Music Festival, Theatre/Stage Production, Trade Show/Exhibition. Here are the main takeaways from the research:

Corporate Dining, Sports Events and Music Concerts are leading in popularity.
Lunch and dinner events in corporate setting remain the leading format of hospitality events, while actively competing with sports event packages. Interestingly, music festivals are quite behind concerts – although both events have facilities for high-end service, crowd management or festival image could be the influencing factors.

Junior and Middle Management makes up for more than half of attendee crowd.
It may be a common misconception that senior management is the key audience for hospitality events. Out of 2,000 interviewed guests, only 25% made up for CEOs and leading positions. This data has direct impact on your choices in terms of preferred experiences and practicalities.

Hospitality services assure positive attendee experience.
Experience provided by hospitality is mainly described as Very Good or Excellent, which makes it a reliable and safe choice when it comes to your package. Needless to say, quality of the provider is the deciding factor.

Service is an experience that lets your company differentiate yourself from others, not just in products but also in your marketing activations. Hospitality is a dynamic industry, relying both on traditions and innovation, and we are looking forward to more research being done to track the impact of this industry on consumer experience and behaviour. You can read more about Nielsen Sport research and other relevant industry reports on Nielsen Sports Insights






Total brand value of Technology industry worldwide. At the moment tech brands have the highest valuation of all industries.
Source: Visual Capitalist.




British & Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce membership


This month we joined the membership of British & Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Finland Ry in order to support the trade and international operations. 

Read more about the association at B3CF website.


London as the key destination for your event


It has been a very British month! We celebrated Queen's Birthday, Harry & Maghan's union, joined B3CF membership and launched a MICE campaign to attract companies to London as an event destination for your brand! Campaign was done in collaboration with Pico+ UK and we cannot wait to share the field report in September. Read Sami Sykkö’s blog at Eventolehti page to get some inspiration!

About the writer:
Mariia Zubova
Digital Marketing Manager

Mariia has been working in various areas of event marketing - from production to concept development. Her crush on technology, digital media and online consumer behavior brought her focus to digital marketing and content creation.


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