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It is time to be grateful. To our clients, employees and stakeholders. Your great support and feedback helped us create upgraded Malja. Our new services are in line with the needs of premium global clients, our current staff and vendors are highly motivated, and we are recruiting new passionate talents to join our team of Total Brand Activation (TBA) experts. Our goal is to grow ten times bigger than we are now by the end of 2020. To reach the goal we must always deliver excellent solutions and services to our clients: in large and small campaigns. One more reason to be thankful: our turnover on April, 2018 was the highest monthly turnover ever in our whole history.
Our new strategic alliance with Pico+ will create great opportunities for all of us: more inspiring campaigns to consumers, better results to our clients, more business to our vendors, and state of the art workplace for our employees. We promise to make our clients’ brands alive. Your dedicated Malja contact person has now truly global reach. Pico is a global leader in Total Brand Activation. Pico is listed in Asian stock exchanges and has an annual turnover about 4,3 billion USD.

Total Brand Activation is a marketing tool that grows heavily. In the United States the industry is expected to grow by 32% between 2015-2020. In our home base Finland, we saw an annual increase in sponsorship investments by 14% during 2017. Malja estimates that the whole value of Total Brand Activation in Nordics and Baltics is about 30,0 billion euros. This is about 30% of the whole marketing investments done in our region.
The main goal of TBA is to create brand engagement between a brand and a consumer. This can be done only with inspiring state of the art tools and technologies. Malja’s strategic alliance with Pico+ gives our clients valuable access to modern and tested solutions.
We want to help our clients to be the most successful investors in Total Brand Activation. Our strategic alliance with Pico+ coaches our team. With insights via coaching and with Malja’s almost 20 years’ expertise in our industry we are able to help your company create the ultimate brand strategy in Total Brand Activation. After strategy is set up with clear objectives, the execution plan and budget is fast process to create. And we promise to produce the execution plan with great results in all key business regions globally.
Let’s join our forces today! 

Miikka Vahtera
CEO, Associate
+358 40 560 2995

About the writer:
Miikka Vahtera 
CEO and Associate, Malja®

Miikka has over 20 years of
experience in brand activation
from client & agency side.
Miikka is well connected to the industry capitals around the world.

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